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  • 15 Jun 2013
  • 07:30 - 15:00
  • Thorncreek golf course


  • fund raiser

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As you know, our organization hosts fund raisers.  The money generated provides continuing alumni opportunities. Given recent budget cuts, fund raisers have become more important to the TCPAAA's future.  Over the past few months, our board and volunteers, have dedicated many hours to lay a successful groundwork for the golf tournament fund raiser. We now need your help.  PLEASE!!!!  If we can't get enough volunteers, we will need to cancel the golf tournament.    
No matter what your ability, golf knowledge, time constraints...we can use your help to make this a success.   

WE ARE SHORT OF VOLUNTEERS AND TIME IS RUNNING OUT! You folks make this organization.  We can't do it without you. Please read the following regarding volunteer needs and contact us at board@tcpaaa.com as soon as possible.   

I thank you for all you do. 

Wendy Miller 

Letter from Scott regarding golf tournament needs.

As of today we have seven weeks (49 days) until June 15. The planning and organizing have gone well thus far, and it is now time to shift into making the specific arrangements to ensure a successful event. 

Here is a list of things I can think of that we need to do between now and June 15. I have broken it down into categories so we can have individuals committed to specific portions of the event. The purpose of this e-mail is to get firm commitments from volunteers for the duties - so we can make sure we progress in an organized fashion. Please respond to everyone in the golfvolunteers@tcpaaa.com list if (when) you decide what part of the event you are willing to be responsible for. And, Please, Please, Please choose the duty(ies) that interests you as soon as possible so I don’t have to get Wendy to start assigning them! The next couple weeks are critical and will determine whether the tournament is a success.

1. Thorncreek Liaison and Event Coordinator. I will continue to take this on unless someone else wants the glory, or unless I get fired.

2. Sponsorship (Donor) Coordinator. We need a point person to close the deal on gifts and donations. This person needs to be responsible for:

a. Coordinating with volunteers to gather sponsor/donor commitments.

b. Collecting registration forms and donations/gifts.

c. Working with attended hole sponsors to get them situated on the hole.

d. Obtaining signs and banners for hole sponsor advertising.

3. Participant Coordinator. We need someone to be the concierge for the golfers.

a. The most important part of the tournament is recruiting the golfers. We are shooting for 72 golfers.

b. All volunteers need to be recruiting golfers, but this person needs to be actively pursuing foursomes and individuals to be grouped into foursomes.

4. Tournament set-up Coordinator. Someone needs to coordinate the logistics of tournament day.

a. This person will work with the other volunteers to make sure the registration flows smoothly, and that the foursomes are properly set up, the carts are prepped, and everyone is ready at start time.

b. At the conclusion of the tournament the golfers need to get their lunch, and arrangements made for the auction and give-aways.

c. At the conclusion of the tournament, during lunch, the Tournament Set-up Coordinator needs to post the scores and determine the contest winners.

5. Tournament sign-in Coordinator. We need a volunteer to set up and staff the sign-up table.

a. Golfers need to be confirmed as registered and signed in.

b. Any gifts need to be distributed.

c. Arrangements need to be made for a cash-box, or other procedure to handle purchases and change.

d. Mulligans coupons need to be printed and sold.

e. String (Crime Scene Tape) needs to be obtained and sold for putts.

6. Silent Auction Coordinator. DeAnna Cowan has volunteered for this duty; to collect up all the gifts and donations and set up the tables with the items and the auction forms on the day of the tournament. Participants can write in their bids any time during the event, up until the giveaway and award announcement portion of the event. At that point the money will be collected from the winning bidders and the unsold items will be given away in a drawing.

7. Prize Coordinator. This person will be responsible for:

a. Collecting and organizing the prizes for all the games in the tournament (hole in one, lowest score, closest to the pin, longest drive, highest score.

b. Get trophies made if they are going to be used for some of the prizes.

c. At the conclusion of the tournament the Prize Coordinator needs to determine the winners and make sure the emcee awards the prizes correctly.

8. Hole-in-one Representative. We need a person to handle this specific part of the event which will include:

a. Securing one or two hole in one sponsors to provide a prize in exchange for purchasing hole in one insurance.

b. Ensuring the insurance is in place and the terms and conditions of the policy are met.

c. Recruiting two hole monitors per hole to be at the hole for the duration of the tournament

9. Gift (Goodie) Bag Person. Someone needs to take charge of the Goodie Bags. We can hope for 72 golfers, assume less, and plan for 100. So whatever we end up doing with Goodie Bags needs to be for 100.

a. Determine what is going to be used as the bag, and recruit a sponsor for the bag and get logos on the bags.

b. Work with the Sponsorship (Donor) coordinator to obtain goodies.

c. Purchase any goodies not donated.

d. Have the goodie bags ready for distribution at registration, or placed in the carts.

10. Master of Ceremonies - Emcee.

a. Make announcements regarding logistics.

b. Announce contest winners and award prizes.

c. Announce auction winners.

d. Announce giveaways

e. Thank golfers

11. Gopher. I’m sure I’m forgetting things and we will need people the day of the event to keep things moving smoothly. Please acknowledge you will be available the day of the tournament to help.

12. Post Tournament Director. This person will be responsible for:

a. Accounting for sales and cash.

b. Coordinating clean up.

c. Writing thank you notes and any other follow up with donors, participants and volunteers. 

Please contact the board@tcpaaa.com and let us know how you want to help out.  Thank you for all you do.  

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