golfers needed

  • 15 Jun 2013
  • 07:30 - 14:30
  • thorncreek golf course
911 dispatcher:
"911, what is your emergency?"
Frantic caller:
"HELP, - WE NEED... GOLFERS!!!!!"  
911 dispatch:
"Calm down, help is on its way.  Where and when do you need the golfers?"
Frantic caller:
"Please, please, hurry.  The golf tournament needs major golfer CPR.  June 15th at the Thorncreek golf course.  But we need golfers to sign up now, before it's to late....please, please, hurry."
911 Dispatch:
"Ma'am, we are sending all the first responders, friends, family, neighbors and breathing people we can, just hold on a little bit longer.  Sign ups should be coming soon...are you there?  Talk to me, when do you need these golfers to sign up?"
Frantic Caller: 
"Now, before it's too late. Please, please...

Fades to white noise...
We need your help.  The call for golf volunteers was heard and we have had a wonderful response.  Now for the next step.  We need golfers to sign up for the tournament.  It seems this is the hardest step of this process.  Everyone knows someone, works with someone, lives by someone (or with someone),  who golfs.   Help us make this an event to remember (because of its success).  Get your golfers on board today.  

Thanks for all you do.Registration Form (Version 2).pdf 

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