• 24 Jan 2014
  • 30 Jan 2014
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Wanting to know more about the legalization of marijuana?  

Here is some information in response to the request of alumni for information on Amendment 64

1. Rocky Mountain HIDTA released a report in 2012 examining the effectiveness of the "medical" marijuana regulations in Colorado ("MMJ Supplemental Report...")

2. Rocky Mountain HIDTA released a 2013 report about the impact of legalizing marijuana thus far in Colorado ("FINAL Legalization of MJ...")

3. The Office of the State Auditor released a report in March 2013 about how poorly the Department of Revenue was doing with "medical" marijuana regulations (Audit Part 1)

4. The Office of the State Auditor released a second report in June 2013 about how poorly the Department of Health was doing with their part of overseeing "medical" marijuana (Audit part 2")

5. The City of Denver's Office of the Auditor released a July 2013 report about how poorly they were doing as a city with regulating "medical" marijuana ("Medical Marijuana Licensing...")

I think it is quite clear that the State of Colorado does NOT have a proven effective model for regulating the production and sales of marijuana. Unlike tobacco and alcohol that have federal, state, and local regulations, including large industries such as Budweiser and Coors (etc) to supply local liquor stores, Colorado has a group of independent producers of marijuana involved in a system that would be like regulating hundreds of "bathtub gin" makers supplying our local retail stores. Hopefully the lack of proven effective regulations will weigh heavily on the decision makers who want to bring these to Thornton.

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