• 25 Jan 2014
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News, news, get your news here!

We want to keep our membership informed and up to date.  In an effort to reach out and share all our latest and greatest, we are re-launching our newsletter.  

What do we need from you?  Ideas for what you want to see in the newsletter.  Submissions for articles, whether they be ideas or the complete story, would be helpful in putting together the news you really want to read. 

We want to grow this organization and we realize communication with our members is the most vital piece of this equation.  You are the organization.  You make us strong, so we are looking to you for help in making this a solid project. 

All good projects begin with a brainstorm, I'll start us out, and will look for your input to continue this project.  Ideas for the newsletter:

* Fun ride along stories
* A day in the life of ???? Chief, call center, dogs
* Funny 911 calls
*New technology corner
* Events listing
* Promotions and retirements
* Community programs
*In the spirit of service stories
* TCPAAA question and answer - submit your questions and we will get them answered (this is an important one as often us old timers don't know the questions that need to be asked and answered)

This is just a start, please add to this list, give us your input.  Let's get this moving.  
Submit all your creative ideas/stories to Lori Chamberlain

Thank you for all you do,

Wendy Miller

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