History of TCPAAA

The TCPAAA organization was incorporated August 2, 2000.  The Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation were written and approved by the Board of Directors. Those Board members were: John Bryan, Marvin Pugh, Rebecca Cavanaugh-Miller, Tim Stanford, Patricia Steinhausen, Barbara Stewart, Steve Brown, Max Loomis, and June Kuehn.

The Bylaws and bank account were established by the Alumni Association.  The bank account was established for the dues that are collected. That account is maintained by Carol Morris (Treasurer). It is currently at North Valley Bank.


There are nine Board member positions.  Of those nine there are three Officer positions.  The Officers are elected by the Board to those positions.  They are currently: President, Secretary and Treasurer.  There are six other Board members at large.  There is no Vice President.  Elections for the Board are held on the last Wednesday of each May at the time of the annual general membership meeting. The Officers are voted on by the Board.

Dues are collected each December for annual membership.  Membership runs from January 1 thru December 31 each year.  They are used to cover all expenses of the Alumni Association, i.e. mailing supplies, promotional materials, and /or anything needed to sustain the organization.  

We have donated money to the police department for Officer training as well as sending an Officer to the national citizens police academy convention.  In the event of an officer injury we extend help to the families of those officers.

There are no monthly meetings for the general membership at this time.  Our monthly meetings currently are continuing education classes held from September thru May.  We have found this to be a better way of using our members time as we have learned that when a regular monthly meeting is scheduled we have a poor turn out.

We are currently members of the National Citizens Police Academy Association.

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